Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Senioritis reached an all-time high for me today.  Even though I still have two AP exams to get through, I just want to be done.  Most of the day went by in a haze because I was so unable to focus on anything around me. I can't believe there are only three more days for the seniors, and then we're done forever!  (I still have an AP English exam to take after that, but still...)

Also, I kept getting incredibly excited at random points in the day whenever I thought about the fact that we got One Direction tickets, even though it's more than a year from now.  I really need to calm down about it.  (Oh, and I got told that I should be embarrassed for liking One Direction.  It was a girl I get along with, and she wasn't trying to be mean, she just hates them for some reason, but still.  It kind of annoyed me.)

If it weren't so late, I hadn't spent the day so distracted, and there weren't several other things I wanted to do before sleeping, this might have actually been a decent post, but unfortunately, I'm going to leave it at this.

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