Friday, June 22, 2012

Eye Appointment

My brother and I both had appointments for the eye doctor earlier, and I learned that my vision has gotten a little worse since my last visit.  According to the eye doctor, my vision's apparently leveling off early though.  He said that, while my eyes are a little worse, they haven't changed much since I got my current pair of glasses during my freshmen year.  Apparently it doesn't usually start slowing down like this until about early twenties.  However, he also pointed out that I got my glasses incredibly early (first grade), and my vision got really bad really quickly back then.  Honestly, I'm glad it's slowing down because I don't have much vision left to loose.  One thing I found interesting was that the eye doctor referred to me as having perfectly repairable vision.  Meaning that even though my vision is really terrible, it's possible for me to have 20/20 vision if I have the correct pair of glasses.  Is that not true for everyone?  I mean, I know that certain people have eye problems that can't be corrected, but I always figured most people with vision problems could have perfect vision with the correct prescription.

While I had adjusting to new glasses, I am kind of excited about my new pair.  They have a bit of purple on them, but not much because it's mostly hidden.  They're a completely different style from any other pair of glasses I've ever owned.  The eye doctor tried out some plastic frames on me, but he said my face was too narrow and the nose band part of plastic glasses can't be adjusted like metal ones can.  The way the plastic frames are made, they'd be falling off my face all the time, so it looks like I'll always have metal frames.  Not a big deal, but I thought it was interesting that my nose and face is apparently narrow compared to the rest of the human population.

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