Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lazy Day and Kindle

Today seems like the first day in a while were absolutely nothing notable has happened.  Even though school's been out for a while now, it feels as if I've been staying relatively busy with work and various other things.  It's nice to have a day where there's literally nothing going on once in a while.  I've just been online and been reading most of the day.

My Kindle finally finished charging last night, and I'm kind of obsessed with it right now.  It's funny how I was so against the idea of getting a Kindle just a few months ago, but now I'm incredibly excited about having it.  I'd still choose print books over ebooks, but the Kindle's convenient, especially when I go off to college in the fall.

Maybe something a little more exciting will happen later in the day, but for now I'm just laying around the house being lazy.  I have to work the next two days, so I guess I can use the excuse that I'm resting for that.

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