Saturday, July 21, 2012

Make New Friends, But Keep the Old. One is Silver, the Other is Gold

Since I'm going four hours away to college, I often wonder what my relationships with my current friends will be like after a while.  I'm honestly not too worried about staying close to my friends.  Two of my best friends already live in other places, and I don't get to see them often.  Plus, I have a small group of friends that it will be easy to stay in touch with.

One of my best friends, Katrina, lives hours away, and I only get to see her when she comes back to visit family.  We've been best friends since kindergarten.  For years we were horrible about keeping in contact, but whenever she came back here it was as if we'd never been separated.  Now, we actually keep in contact while we're apart, and it's still as if we've never been separated when she comes back.  I assume that will stay the same when I'm off at college.

My best friend Summer only lives half an hour away, but I've actually seen Katrina more recently than I've seen Summer.  This is for a number of reasons.  We were supposed to see each other recently, but those plans fell through.  We're still trying to come up with a way to see each other before college because both of us are going several hours away from home, and it's in opposite directions of each other.  Still, we talk almost every day, and she's still one of my closest friends.

My two closest friends that actually live where I do are Jordan and Haley.  I have a few other friends, but they're the only ones I talk to regularly.  They're going to a college less than an hour from our hometown while I go four hours away.  I'm pretty confident that we'll stay in contact with each other.  Summer and Katrina are great friends, but we have very few things in common.  Our friendships are basically based around the fact that we've known each other so long.  (I don't think that makes our friendship any less or more special, it's just a fact.)  On the other hand, Haley, Jordan, and I have a lot of shared interests that I'm sure will provide us excuses to talk to each other all the time through out the school year.  (And Haley and I have the One Direction concert next year to look forward to!)  I expect it'll be a lot like how my friendships with Summer and Katrina are now.

I look forward to making new friends in college, but I also plan on staying great friends with my old ones.  I've had some best friends in the past that I've grown apart from (the fact that Katrina and Summer are still there through all that makes me beyond grateful), and it was so hard on me to lose them as friends.  I don't plan on that happening again.  Even if I don't talk to them every day or even all that often, I plan on keeping in touch with them to at least some degree for a very long time.

And kudos to anyone who got the reference the title is making.  It's the first verse of a Girl Scout song that we used to sing at every meeting.

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