Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tumblr's Taken Over My Life

I haven't blogged (except for a book review that was really a video) in over a week.  There's just been absolutely nothing happening here.  The only thing remotely interesting that's happened this past week was going over to my grandma's along with my brother and some of my cousins on Thursday, but I spent almost the entire time I was at my grandma's on my computer while my brother and cousins played video games and watched TV.

Every other day has also been spent on the computer except at home.  Today was the first day in a while that I didn't spend almost the whole day on Tumblr.  Instead I watched Little House on the Prairie, Naruto, and How I Met Your Mother for a large part of the day.

Tomorrow's my church's summer social, and I have to work the stuffed animal booth for a few hours, so I'll definitely have to get out the house for at least a little while.  I actually look forward to the summer social because they sell lemon shake-ups and elephant ears.  That's just about the only thing that interests me there anymore.  Although they are bringing the dunking booth back this year (We hadn't had one in a while), so that should be interesting.  I think my sister's even getting in it for a while.

It's supposed to storm tomorrow though.  Hopefully it won't ruin the summer social.  Most of the booths are under a roof-type thing, but if it storms hard enough that really won't matter.  It may cool things down though, which would be good.

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