Sunday, August 19, 2012

Amazing Race

Today has been a lot of fun, but also exhausting.  I started off the day waking up early (8:30 in the morning to be exact).  It's later than I'll have to wake up for classes, but earlier than I've woken up all summer (aside from waking up at four to drive up to Indy on Friday).  Church wasn't for a few hours, so I decided to watch Beauty and the Beast in the dorm (with headphones of course since the roommate was sleeping).  I didn't get to finish the movie before mass though, so I had to finish is up after the amazing race (which I'll talk about in a minute).

I was nervous to go to church because I'd never been to a new church all by myself before.  In fact, I'd only gone to church alone back home maybe once.  Once I got inside and sat down though everything was fine.  It's nice how the mass is basically the same wherever you go, so even though there were a few minor differences, I didn't have to worry about looking like an idiot because I had no idea what was going on.

After mass and lunch I headed back to the dorm for a little bit to watch a short bit more of Beauty and the Beast before it was time for the amazing race.  If you've ever seen the TV show of the same name, that's what it was based on.  We were separated into teams of four (although I was in a team of three), and we had to walk all across campus and get various clues by doing challenges.  The two girls I was with were awesome, and I discovered that they're nerdfighters!  Although I had a lot of fun we had to walk (and run) all the way across campus five or six times, and I mean a straight shot across campus because the places they kept sending us to were always on the opposite side of the one we were on. (And we had to hike through the Ecolab at one point.) By the time we were halfway though I was dying for a drink of water.  It was fun though, so I guess the momentary  discomfort was worth it.  Our team was in last place until we managed to get a ride with one of the older students who was helping out and driving around on a golf cart.  Because of that, we managed to beat the team ahead of us, although I'm not really sure it counts.  For me it wasn't even about beating the other team, I just wanted to sit down.  I didn't know if I could make it the rest of the way at that point.

Because of our last place, our team got the award for "most lost."  We weren't even lost.  We just took longer to get everywhere.  Either way, we each won a map of Indianapolis, which I guess could come in handy.

After that I went back to my dorm to rest for a while (and finish Beauty and the Beast), and aside from dinner, that's all I've done today.  I think we're supposed to have a residence hall meeting later tonight, but other than that, I think I'm done doing things for the day.

Tomorrow's the first day of classes!  I'm both excited and nervous.  I should have gone around and found the classrooms ahead of time.  Technically I still have time to do that, but I feel odd randomly roaming the halls of various buildings, and I don't want to ask someone to go with me to find my classes.  I know where all the buildings are, so it should be easy to find the classrooms using their numbers.  I'm just paranoid.  I also don't have textbooks for two of my classes tomorrow either.  I know that I don't necessarily need to, but not being completely prepared is worrying me just a bit.  (I left my graphing calculator at home too...)  I'm sure everything will be fine though, and hopefully I enjoy my classes.  (Precalculus may be a bit hard to enjoy though...)

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