Saturday, August 11, 2012

Closer to College and The Princess and the Frog

I started my senior year of high school exactly a year ago today.  That fact has made me think about starting college a lot today, which is actually not really different from any other day lately.  I only have six days until I move into the dorms!  That's crazy!

Anyway, the most exciting thing I've done today is watch The Princess and the Frog.  I'd forgotten how good that movie is since I'd only watched it once before.  I've been convinced to take it to college with me since it and Beauty and the Beast are the only animated Disney movies I own on DVD, and I'm going to take them both.  And Tiana has officially made herself my second favorite Disney princess.  (No one can beat Belle though.)

That was really about it today.  Haley and Autumn were over for a bit yesterday.  Haley and Regina filmed themselves singing One Thing since One Direction's having this contest thing.  And Summer's coming over tomorrow to spend the night.  I guess that makes me feel better about doing almost nothing today!

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