Saturday, August 18, 2012

Second Day on Campus

It's my second day on campus, and I honestly haven't left the dorm.  Today there was a service thing for welcome week that started early this morning.  I was so exhausted from yesterday that I ended up sleeping in and missing it.  There's also a movie tonight though, and I plan to go watch that.  Other than that I'm just sitting around the dorm.  The homesickness isn't as bad today, but I'm still adjusting.  I feel as if I should get out of the dorm and do something, but I have no idea what to go do.  I'll probably go eat dinner later.  It'll probably be alone again.  (Although yesterday after I ate dinner, I found my roommate, and I ended up going back with her and sitting with her while she ate.)  Then, of course, there's the movie later.

I think my roommate has been running around campus meeting people.  I feel like I should too, but I'm just so bad about going up to people.  I'd just randomly walk around campus alone unless someone approached me first.  So I guess I'm just going to stay in my room until dinner and then go eat by myself.  (My roommate made some friends and is leaving campus for dinner...)  We'll see what happens.

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