Thursday, August 30, 2012

LASMU and Labor Day Weekend

Today was the call out meeting for the Literary Arts Society of Marian University (LASMU) which is the creative writing club here.  I was really nervous to go because I'm always scared about people reading my writing.  Jill and Claire (who are twins and basically the only friends I've made so far) went with me though, which made me feel a bit better about going.  It was really hard for me to read my writing out loud, but people said nice things and it was cool hearing everyone else's writing.  I'm definitely going to keep going.  I feel a lot better now that I've joined something.

The rest of my day was just an average day of going to classes and the like.  Since tomorrow's Friday I get out of class really early, and then we don't have classes on Monday thanks to Labor Day.  I think I'm in the minority since I'm staying at school for the weekend.  I think my roommate's going home as well, so I guess I'll be alone in the dorm for the weekend.  It should be interesting being on campus with a lot less people here.

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