Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Mind Just Isn't Getting a Break

I've been freaking out about college so much lately that all I really wanted was something to happen that would get my mind off of it.  Well, I got it today, but it wasn't at all what I had hoped.  I don't want to talk/write about it now, since things are still happening, but I'll just say today isn't exactly a great day.  I'll say more later after I know more about what's going on.

Honestly, it hasn't even really gotten my mind off of college.  Now I'm just anxious about two different situations.  Speaking of college though, I really need to pack.  I just have no idea how I'm going to transport all of this stuff to Indianapolis, and I don't know what exactly I should take with me or leave behind.  The next few days should be interesting...

Edit: It's hours after I've posted this, and I just found out my Aunt Sharon has passed away.  There were pretty much no doubt that it was coming today, but as you can guess, it's still sad news, especially with it being so close to me going off to college.  I'm assuming I won't be able to be home for the funeral, which won't help me with getting closure or anything.  I just wanted to add this on, so people would know what I was talking about earlier.  I didn't want to mention it then while she was still in the hospital, and we weren't completely sure what would happen.  I haven't mentioned it anywhere else online yet.  I kind of vaguely tweeted about it, but I'm trying to be careful what to tweet because I don't want people who know her (especially family) see my tweets before they find out some other way.

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