Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fall is Coming

The whole waking up earlier every single day, even weekends, was working so well for a while.  I didn't feel tired at all, but the past couple of days I've felt so tired.  I think it's because my allergies are getting bad because of the weather changes, and it's making me feel worse.  Still, even with my allergies being a pain, today was a pretty good day.

Today was cool enough that after taking the trash out this morning I decided I was going to change out of my shorts and put on jeans.  We had my absolutely favorite kind of weather today.  The temperature was perfect.  It was the kind where you can wear either jeans or shorts if you really want to and not be horribly cold or hot.  I love this weather, and I hope it stays around for a while.

My roommate's family took my roommate, another of my roommate's friends, and me out for lunch today.  I'm so glad the other friend was there otherwise I would have felt pretty awkward though.  It was nice though, and they were really nice people.  We went to Buffalo Wild Wings.  It was nice to finally eat there after I've heard people talk about it so much.  I really enjoyed it, so I can understand why people love it so much.  I started feeling really sick afterwards though, so I don't know if I'll ever want to eat there again.  I don't think it was the food's fault, but I'll always have that association in my head, sadly.

Thankfully I was feeling better by dinner, so I managed to eat up in the dining hall.  I just happened to randomly bump into Jill and Claire there, so we talked for a while and were even joined by a couple other people.  Eating alone has ceased to bother me, but it's still nice to sit with other people every so often.

I'm off to go read.  I'm currently reading the fourth book in the Star-Crossed series.  If you've seen my reviews of the first three books you'll know that I love this series, and I'm loving the fourth one just as much. I'm in the last fourth of the book, and I'm so excited to read the ending!

Oh, and I didn't post yesterday, but it was this blog's third birthday!  (And also my sister's 17th birthday!)  I can't believe I've been blogging here for three years!

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