Thursday, September 27, 2012

Re-Watching the Harry Potter Movies

It's been such a long time since I've watched a Harry Potter movie.  I know that seems like such a random thought, but with The Casual Vacancy coming out today I've been thinking about Harry Potter quite a bit.  I'll admit it probably hasn't been all that long ago that I watched the eighth movie, but it's been at least a year (probably actually about two) since I've seen the earlier movies.  It's kind of ridiculous considering I used to watch all of them at least every few months or so.

It's not because I don't love them just as much as I used to.  I just never think to put them in, and there's always so much going on.  Whenever I do get a chance to watch something, I usually chose something I haven't gotten to see before instead.  I'm getting really sentimental though, and I definitely want to watch the first movie soon.  I only brought the first, seventh, and eighth movies with me to school, and I think I'm going to pull the first movie out soon to watch it.  I have a feeling I'll be extremely sentimental.  While I consider the later movies to be my favorites of the series, I don't think the later movies can ever really compete with the earlier movies in the way the early movies make me feel when I watch them.  The first movie is especially important to me because it's what made me a Harry Potter fan.  I really need to re-watch it soon.  I kind of miss it.

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