Monday, September 17, 2012

Thoughts on Crushes

Do you ever look back on the crushes you had in elementary and middle school?  For some reason I think about it every so often.  In elementary school I only had two crushes, and each one of them lasted for years. Then, I had two major crushes over the course of middle school that lasted a while, but I had a ton of little crushes as well.

When I got to high school crushes became a much smaller part of my life, thankfully.  Not that I didn't still get the occasional crush, but most of them were on celebrities and I didn't feel the need to talk about them 24/7 like my friends and I did when we were younger.  (Although, that may not be entirely true anymore considering how much I talk about One Direction...)

I really don't know what point I'm even trying to make here.  It's just interesting to think about how my views on crushes and boys have changed over the years.  It's a bit odd thinking about what the boys I liked back in elementary school are like now, and how my friends and I used to giggle about them and everything.  I have one very interesting (but somewhat long) story about my friends and I trying to discretely tell let a boy know that one of my friends liked him.  We weren't discrete at all, and looking back on it my passed self should have been way more embarrassed at the time than I was.  There was also the time when Summer told a boy I liked him, and then he proceeded to go, "I know who you like" all day long until I finally just gave up and confirmed that I liked him.  It sounds somewhat embarrassing, but even at the time I found it more hilarious than anything because of the way it happened.

I just have so many memories about stuff like that that are interesting to think about, and none of it is how I would handle things today.  Crushes back then were so much fun, although I probably wouldn't have said that at the time.  Back then they seemed like a very serious thing, but looking back at it now, it was all so innocent and fun.  The crushes my friends and I had over the years led to a lot of great stories and memories.  I kind of miss those days.

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