Friday, September 28, 2012

TV Watching Friday

The first half of this week it seemed like I was doing nothing but homework, but then the second half of the week I haven't had much at all.  Now it's Friday night, I've done some homework, and I have some left but I'm leaving that for Saturday and Sunday.  I've spent most of the day since getting out of class watching movies/TV.  I watched Princess Kaiulani (which I reviewed on here earlier), Naruto, and How I Met Your Mother.

One Direction was also on Alan Carr earlier, so I watched that.  It was a great interview.  It was a absolutely hilarious and by far the best interview they've done in a while.  The interview kind of indirectly confirmed that Liam and Danielle broke up though.  Liam looks a bit down the whole interview, and Alan asks Louis and Zayn about their girlfriends, leaving Liam out.  To me that's basically a confirmation that they've broken up wihtout Liam having to directly say it on camera (which he probably doesn't feel like doing at the moment).  I'm actually pretty upset about this.  They were such a cute couple and seemed happy together.  Liam is one of the sweetest people ever and seeing him so down during the interview sucked.

I think most of the rest of my night will be full of watching Youtube videos and reading.  What better way to spend a Friday night?  I started a new book last night, and it's interesting so far.  I'm looking forward to reading more of it!

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