Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Advisors and Language Placement Tests

Today has been a long day.  I felt way more tired in my precalculus class than I normally do, and I have no idea why.  Staying awake was difficult, but I managed.  The lesson actually seemed a bit easier than normal, so I'm incredibly happy about that.  I may end up getting a tutor for that class.  My advisor told me that if I'm even considering it then I should, but if it's getting easier...  Still, the final is cumulative, so I probably should.

We spent English class revising our fiction mini-portfolios and making comments on each other's.  I need to go down to the writing center sometime in the next couple of days to get help on the paper from them, since it's required sometime this semester.  The paper is turning out to be much easier than I expected though.

I didn't get nearly enough done as I had hope during my long break between classes today.  I did manage to write more of my English paper and do precalculus though.  I also began watching a documentary on William and Kate.  I haven't even finished that though.  I only have five minutes left, but I keep doing other things.

We talked about imperialism in Africa in history today.  We also got out early, which was actually a bit inconvenient for me because then I had to sit around and wait until my advisor appointment.  The appointment went well though.  My advisor was really impressed because I was the first freshman to come in and already have a schedule for next semester worked out.  All she had to do was look it over and make sure I was taking the classes I need to take.  I was, so she just signed off on them.  I still have to see my other advisor and get her to sign off on them.  I just made an appointment with her for next week.

Right after my advisor appointment I had to go down to the language lab to take the language placement test.  I got all of the questions wrong, so I have to take a 101 class.  I took the test in Spanish, since that's the language I took in high school, but since I tested into the entry level class, I can take any language I want.  I'm seriously considering taking German.  That's the language I wanted to take in high school, but they stopped offering it my freshmen year.

Now I'm finally back to the dorm, and I have nothing else to do today.  I'm really glad because my head's been killing me for most of the day.  I think I'm going to finish up watching that documentary and then get some more homework done.  Hopefully the headache will go away soon if I'm not doing much.

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