Sunday, October 28, 2012

Family Weekend

This weekend was family weekend at my college, so my mom, brother, and grandma drove up to Indianapolis to see me.  We ate breakfast in this old mansion on campus that was the original building in the school and now has offices.  (It used to be owned by one of the founders of the Indy Motor Speedway too, and is on the national register for historic places.  It's an awesome building.)

After we ate and listened to the university president talk, we went hiking in the Ecolab that's here on campus.    I was pretty impressed at my ability to find things that I had only seen once before.  I ended up finding the creek because I could hear running water, and I just followed the sound.  I was pretty impressed with myself.  Maybe I'd do better in the Hunger Games then I originally thought.

After the hike and going out for lunch, we went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  I'm honestly not incredibly into art, but I enjoyed to museum.  There were a lot of awesome things in their.  By the time we reached the modern art, my mom and grandma sat down to rest and just let my brother and me go through the gallery.  We kind of ended up laughing at everything.  I feel kind of bad that I can't appreciate that kind of art, but one thing was seriously yarn.  I don't understand.  (Here it is on the website.)  Overall, it was fun though.

As for today, I've done almost nothing other than go to church this morning.  I've worked on some homework, but I'm getting pretty far ahead on my homework and only have stuff that isn't due for a while.  I plan on going over my theology paper for any mistakes.  I'm basically done with it, and it's not due until Thursday.  At the moment I'm listening to a Hunger Games podcast while writing this, and I'm going to spend some time on Tumblr once I'm done with this.  I really love Sundays like this.

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