Saturday, October 20, 2012

Football Games and Homework

I plan on having a very lazy Saturday.  I guess it can't be too incredibly lazy since I spent the whole morning doing laundry, but for the rest of the day I plan to just sit around the dorm room.  I do have a decent amount of homework I need to work on though, so I guess I'm using the word lazy figuratively.

There's a football game happening right now, and since my dorm is right next to the football field, I'm hearing everything even though I'm not actually there.  I've yet to go to a football game.  I really should, but it seems like the weekends with home games are the ones where I have the most homework.  For example, this weekend I have a theology paper to work on and a precalculus exam that I have to turn in on Monday.  In fact, I'm going to get some writing done, and then I'm going to go work on my precalculus.  I have a feeling it'll take forever...

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