Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lazy Saturdays Aren't Completely Lazy in College

Lazy Saturdays are the best.  I love them so much.  Although since starting college I've also made my Saturdays the day of the week I do chores, so I suppose I never have entirely lazy Saturdays anymore.  These days, I wake up relatively early and immediately take the trash out after getting ready.  That may be changing soon though because it is way too cold to be going outside so early.  Then it's laundry time and whatever else needs to be done.  I'm usually done by lunch time, so when I come back from lunch, I just have homework and whatever else I want to do for the day.

So far today I've spent most of the day reading fanfiction and scrolling through Tumblr.  I have some homework to get done, but I'm in an, "I have all day to do it.  I'm just going to take my time," mood.  I need to be careful though because mid-terms are next week, so I need to make sure I study a decent amount today.  I'm a bit worried about my precalculus and theology mid-terms.  I feel like those will be difficult, especially precalculus.  That class drives me crazy.  I feel better but still just a tiny bit worried about my history final too.  English and public speaking I'm not worried about at all.  (We don't even have a test in English.  We do mini-portfolios.)

I'm off to finish reading a chapter of a Harry Potter fanfic so that I can get some precalculus homework done.

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