Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lots and Lots of Wind

We had a wind advisory all day today.  Of course it's nowhere near as bad here in Indy as it is in New York and other places on the east coast, but it wasn't fun to walk around campus today either.  Since I had a test in theology today I got out early and had to make an extra trip back to the dorm through the wind, but luckily, it wasn't too bad at that time.  I'm hoping things will be better tomorrow, but I think we're supposed to get more rain.  I think the wind advisory just ended a little bit ago, but I can still hear the wind going outside.

I had to give my final presentation in first year experience today.  It wasn't meant to be that hard, so it was all over in a minute or two.  I almost tripped over cords in front of the whole class though.  Also, I remembered why I hated making presentations on OpenOffice and then presenting on PowerPoint.  My presentation ended up being just text on a plain white background, but at least the text was there and the teachers didn't care at all.

Right now I'm sitting in the dark while my roommate watches a scary movie with a friend.  I hate scary movies, but I'm doing a pretty good job about ignoring this one.  I shouldn't get any nightmares tonight.  I've been using fanfiction to distract myself, and it's been working pretty well.  I'm almost done reading one, so I'm going to try and finish reading it right now.

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