Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lots of Church

Today has been a long day.  I spent the majority of the first half of my day in church.  I had to walk up early this morning to go to mass at our church here at home.  It was nice to go back after two months, but also a little odd.  Our priest was by the door when we came in and he told me it was nice to see me, and then, we were talking to some of our family after mass and they were asking me how things were going and stuff.  It was nice to see people I hadn't seen in a while.

Then we had to go to my aunt and uncle's church.  I have to attend a church service of a Christian denomination other than my own, interview a pastor about it, and then write a paper on it for my theology class.  My aunt and uncle attend the Wesleyan church, so I went there and interviewed my uncle's dad.  Their service is really long, and I ended up getting a headache about halfway through, which I've had the entire rest of the day.  The interview was luckily a lot less awkward than I'd expected, and we got it done relatively quickly.  Now I just have to write the paper...

We were going to visit my grandma afterwards, but that didn't end up happening.  She's coming over to our house tomorrow instead.  I'd also been planning on seeing Ji today, but those plans fell through.  It doesn't look like I'm going to get to see her while I'm here since she's in school Monday and Tuesday.  Hopefully I can see her when I come home for Thanksgiving.

The only other thing we did today was go out to eat Mexican food.  Mexican is my favorite, and we went to the Mexican restaurant here in our town.  (We live in a small town, so it's one of the very few restaurants here.)

It doesn't really sound like I did much, but going to church twice made it seem like a really long time.  Tomorrow though I'm just sitting around the house doing nothing most of the day, since everyone else is either at school or working.  My grandma coming by is the only thing happening.  It'll be kind of nice since I haven't really had time to just hang out at home while I've been here, and I miss this house.  It's kind of weird how it's the same, but some of my stuff is gone since it's at school and I'm kind of living out of clothes in a suitcase (although I've been wearing some old shirts out of my closet).  Plus, I think the dogs and I are going to get a lot of quality time tomorrow, and I miss them.

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