Friday, October 19, 2012

Rain and a Movie

This week pretty much flew by thanks to fall break being earlier this week.  It doesn't feel like it should be Friday at all, but I'm happy for the weekend anyway.  Both of my classes today went well, and even though it's been raining today, I managed to only get caught outside when it was sprinkling.

We have a test for precalculus that we have to take over the weekend, so I spent quite a long time working on it earlier.  I'm only about a third done, but I'm going to do the rest on Saturday and Sunday.

Pretty much the only thing I've done other than class and homework today is watch Little House on the Prairie and a movie.  I'm in the middle of watching No Strings Attached right now.  I'm going to get back to watching that now too because it'll take me hours to finish it otherwise!

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