Monday, October 29, 2012

Sleep, Plays, and the Communist Manifesto

I probably shouldn't be writing this when I've gotten so little homework done today.  I'm not even entirely sure why that is.  One Direction's new single, "Little Things," came out today, and sure, I've listened to it plenty of times, but I think that's only a small part of my procrastination.  I'm just distracted today.  I think it's lack of sleep mostly.  My roommate's sick, and I woke up in the middle of the night last night to her having a coughing fit.  I was awake for at least half an hour (probably longer but I didn't look at a clock) because of that.  It's not her fault, of course, but I'm tired and having trouble focusing today.  I zoned out in history today, which is my favorite class, and I've never done that before.

It's a wonder that I even made it to precalculus on time this morning.  I can barely remember getting ready this morning because I was just kind of doing everything on auto-pilot, not really awake.  Luckily, I was able to pay enough attention in class that I know what's going on in the lesson and stuff.

We started on drama in English today and read our first play.  I'm looking forward to reading plays.  The only plays we ever studied in my high school English classes were Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, and Macbeth) and The Crucible, but we ran out of time and didn't even read The Crucible.  We just watched the movie.  So I'm excited to read plays that aren't Shakespeare.  (In school at least.  I read plays on my own on a fairly frequent basis.)  Actually, now that I think about it, we were assigned The Raisin in the Sun as summer reading one year too...

We discussed the Communist Manifesto in history class today, which led to some interesting discussions.  (Although, as I already said, I zoned out a lot.)  There was one really awkward part where this guy challenged something the teacher said about the middle class.  Then, he basically said that only liberals skew the facts, not conservatives, and he refused to back down about it when the teacher said that both sides definitely skewed the facts in their favor.  The whole thing was really awkward to listen to, and the guy is seriously deluded if he thinks conservatives never manipulate things to be in their favor.

I have managed to get about half of the work done that I need to do today.  I need to work on precalculus a bit and study for the test we're having tomorrow.  I also want to write the drama journal we were assigned for English tonight if I can find the time.  We're having a hall event tonight, but I may skip it if I need to get work done.  It's funny, but I seem to be getting more awake as it gets later.  All we're doing at the event is making collages for our doors anyway, but I'll probably get guilted into it if hardly anyone else goes.  At least homework is a valid excuse to not go.

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