Friday, October 5, 2012

Stuck Indoors

It's been storming all day today, but for some reason I've been in a really good mood for the second day in a row.  Even though I've had a headache (thank you allergies) for the past hour or so.  I got out of my last class early, and I haven't left the dorm again.  Walking back after class I got soaked.  I may go back up to the dining hall for dinner later though.  We'll see how the weather is.  I think this is supposed to be the last day of rain for at least the next week, and I think it's mostly just cloudy now.

I managed to get quite a bit of homework and studying done early today.  I was really proud of myself for how quickly I got stuff done.  Now I'm just scrolling through Twitter and Tumblr and reading fanfiction.  Isn't college life exciting?  I actually really need to go edit a video that I filmed four days ago and keep forgetting about.  I think I'll do that right now before I get back to the fanfiction I'm reading.

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