Sunday, October 7, 2012

Watching Little House

I've begun watching the second season of Little House on the Prairie over the past month or so.  It makes me realize how before I bought the DVDs I hadn't seen nearly as many of the early seasons' episodes as I had thought.  Whenever I'd watched the show on TV, it was almost always episodes from later seasons, but all the same, I still thought I'd seen the majority of the earlier episodes.  In reality I think I saw maybe half of them but likely a little less.

I really like watching the earlier seasons.  Right now I'm still kind of near the beginning of season two.  It took me a while to finish season one, so I'm not sure how long season two will take.  I have most of the seasons on DVD at this point, and I really want to watch all of them.  It takes so much time though!  I'll get through the whole series eventually...

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