Thursday, November 29, 2012

Finals Are Almost Here

My life has basically been revolving around the fact that finals are the week after next.  It's reached the point where I don't really have any work in my classes except to study.  The only exception is that I have four papers to write for my English portfolio (I actually have them partially written at this point, so it's not four whole papers.), but that portfolio is my final.

I gave my final speech on Tuesday, so I'm basically done with that class.  I still have to go in order to watch the others give their speeches though, so that was my first class today.  One of the guys gave his speech on the electoral college just like I did.  I had actually had to cut stuff for time (if you don't remember my whole thing about not being able to get in the time limit), and he ended up making all of the arguments that I hadn't been able to fit in my speech, so that was kind of neat.

Theology was the same as always.  The only difference was that we had to fill out the professor evaluations.  He talked about heaven, hell, and the end of the world, which should have been an interesting topic, but I paid even less attention than normal.  I seriously try to hard to pay attention in that class, and it's extremely difficult.  I'm not looking forward to that final.

After classes, I went to go eat lunch in the dining hall for the first time in days and ran into Claire.  I hadn't talked to her (or her sister Jill for that matter) in a while, so it was nice eating lunch with her and talking a bit.

For the past half an hour or so I've been reading, but I think as soon as I get another chapter read I'm going to work on that English portfolio.  I can't wait to be done with it and finals.  Just two more weeks!

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