Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fun Packages and Being Home

I'm writing this from home!  My mom picked me up from school yesterday, so I'm now home for Thanksgiving.  It's a short break, since I have to be back at school on Sunday, but I'm still really happy to be back.

I haven't done much since getting here.  Making the four hour drive to and from school always wears me out, so I felt like doing absolutely nothing once I got home yesterday.  I had a decent amount of energy for the first hour or so I was home.  I had packages to open, and I was beyond excited about them.  I now have my new One Direction CD, my signed John Green poster, my Cher Lloyd buttons (another thank you to the people who helped me win those), and my Finding Hogwarts DVD.  Fun fact about the Finding Hogwarts DVD: my name is in the credits because I was one of the first 200 to preorder and I'm in one of the special features of the DVD because of this video.  It was really exciting to watch that special feature and see myself.

After the initial excitement wore off, I was tired and couldn't force myself to do anything.  I literally sat on my bed and mindlessly scrolled through Tumblr for hours while my sister sat beside me chattering on about random things.  Usually I break up Tumblr time instead of sitting there forever, but it was the only thing I could make myself do.  I told myself I was definitely going to work on homework yesterday, but that didn't happen.  That just means I have more to do now.  I have to do a precalculus test, finish up my English paper, and finish my persuasive speech outline plus practice the speech.  I don't think it's actually that much work, but since I'm at home I'm worried that I'm going to have so much going on that I won't get it done.

It's lunch time now though, so I really need to go find something to eat.  Then, I think I'd better get some homework done.  Otherwise I'm really going to regret it later.

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