Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012!

I know it's pretty late in the day, but happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans (and happy Thursday to the rest of the world).

Today was just a small Thanksgiving dinner with my immediate family and my grandma.  My mom's family already got together while I was still at school, and my dad's family is getting together on Saturday.  It was nice though, and I made everyone listen to One Direction's new CD.  (My sister's a fan, and my grandma even admitted to liking their music, so I don't know if I can technically say "made" as if they were being held down against their will or something.)

I managed to get a good amount of homework done, even though I think I was kind of in a food coma while doing it and it took me quite a while.  I still have a good amount to do over the rest of break, and since I'm going to the circus with Ji tomorrow, have my dad's family Thanksgiving Saturday, and have to go back to school Sunday, I can only hope that I'll get it all done.

I've just been reading the past hour or so, and I think I'm going to go try and get some more reading done before I take a shower.  Hopefully the rest of Thanksgiving break will be fun, and homework won't take up too much of my time!

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