Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dogs, Sisters, and Books

This feels like the first day since Christmas Eve that everything is calm and not busy.  I guess yesterday was technically like that, but since I got a haircut, went shopping with my mom, and went out to eat with my family it felt really busy, and I didn't really have any free time.

Today I woke up to find one of our dogs in bed with me.  It was the first time he'd come to sleep with me since I'd been home (although I'd woken up to our other dog in bed with me a week or so ago).  That may seem like a really random and insignificant thing to point out, but our dogs tend to stay with my mom at night and only go to anyone else's beds when she's gone (which she was this morning for work), but I'm usually one of the last people they choose, so I appreciate when they deem me worthy, especially since I've missed them while at school.

My sister is currently fixing her hair in the bathroom attached to my room and singing very loudly.  She's been in there for about an hour taking a shower and everything.

I've pretty much done nothing all day except read.  I only need to read one more book this year in order to meet my reading goal on Goodreads, so I'm trying to get a lot of this book read today before I do anything else today.  In fact, I'm going to get back to readying it right now.  I'm almost to the halfway point!

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