Saturday, December 15, 2012

Finally Home!

It's great being home finally!  I can't believe I get a month off of school!  I got home Thursday, and was exhausted.  I spent Friday doing nothing most of the day (and everyone else was at school or work), but I went out to eat at Red Lobster with my mom, grandma, and two of my aunts that night.  For some reason I was absolutely exhausted yesterday too, and right now it's two in the afternoon and I'm tired.  I think it's because I had to switch time zones when I came home.  It's only an hour difference, but I think it's affecting me.

I haven't really done much today other than watch Naruto and How I Met Your Mother.  Right now I've just been reading fanfiction.  Oh, and I managed to edit and upload a video that I filmed almost a week ago (finals kept me from editing).  I'm not really planning to do much today other than read and write.  I'm just so exciting when I'm home.  (Although I want to go see The Hobbit and see friends, but none of those plans are definite yet...)

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