Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Gifts vs. Family

This year was the first year that I didn't give my mom a Christmas list.  Usually I ask for books and movies and basically nothing else.  This year I figured that I had quite enough books that I have yet to read, so I refrained from asking for any.  (And I was definitely not surprised to get Amazon gift cards in place of books this year.)  I knew I was getting the Little Mix CD and the Take Me Home Target edition CD and a One Direction sweatshirt, but other than that I didn't have a clue what I was getting, and that was the first time that's ever happened.  Sure, I never got everything on my list, and my mom always got a few things that I hadn't asked for, but this was the first time that the majority of my presents were actually complete surprises. (Although after I opened up the Kindle case I remembered her mentioning that I might be getting one for Christmas.)

Lo and behold the majority of my gifts were clothes, which are nice, but not incredibly exciting as far as I'm concerned.  I got all of the Little House DVDs that I didn't own, so I now have the complete series, which I'm absolutely thrilled about (even though one case was torn up so my mom's going to see about returning it).

But the thing is:  this was the first year where I wasn't too incredibly concerned about presents.  This is going to sound cheesy, but this is the first year I can remember being far more excited about seeing family than getting gifts.  That's the main reason that I didn't bother giving my mom a list.  I know it's being away at college and the fact that I get homesick fairly often that caused it.  I guess homesickness is good for something.  I had a wonderful holiday seeing most of my family though.  I saw so many people that I hadn't seen since I went away to school in August (since my mom's family did Thanksgiving while I was gone because they love me so much).  It was a great Christmas, and now I have New Year's with my grandma and cousins to look forward to!

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