Friday, December 7, 2012

How I Met Your Mother First Half of Season 5 Review

As I've said before in countless places, the past two months or so I've been really behind on reviews.  I was (and still am) going to review one half of the season at a time, but I've watched past this point.  As always it's really hard for me to review TV shows because of the multiple episodes and it having been longer since I've watched the first episodes of the season and stuff.  It would be easier if I reviewed episode by episode I supposed, but that would be a ton of reviews and I'd get even further behind.  Instead, I'm just going to try and mention some things from the first twelve episodes of season five.

I loved Robin and Barney together.  They make an awesome couple, so I kind of hated when they broke up.    They story-line about them letting themselves go was funny I guess, but I also kind of thought it was overdone or something.  Maybe that was just me being bitter about it.

Another thing I noticed about Robin and Barney's relationship:  At first they say they're just going to pretend to be together in front of everyone, but by the next episode they both seem to have just accepted the fact that they're dating.  I don't know if I missed something or what.  Maybe other people didn't think it was a big deal.  I didn't care really, but I noticed it.

I really liked the whole Star Wars exhibit thing in the second episode since I'm a huge nerd, and then there were also the storm troopers in episode seven.  And I really appreciated the English degree joke in episode three as I'm an English major...  Another joke I loved was Lily's constant need to pee in episode five.  You have no idea how accurate that is to me.  I'm constantly getting teased about how often I pee.

This really has no point, but I just want to point it out considering I absolutely love the show Friends.  Monica and Ross' mom from Friends is the same actress who plays Lily's grandmother in the Thanksgiving episode.  Also, my sister used to watch Reba all the time and the older daughter from there (I don't remember her name) played Maggie in the tenth episode.

Another pretty random thought, Robin's laptop in the eleventh episode is so cool.  I want a laptop that looks like that.

And then in the twelfth episode (and the last one I'm reviewing) you have Rachel Bilson's character.  My friend Summer is a huge O.C. fan and made me watch some of it.  I don't know if she still does, but she used to love Rachel Bilson.  I think she's pretty cool too, I guess.  I'm not a huge fan of her character though, even though I know she's kind of important to the story.  The yellow umbrella is also in that episode.  Did I ever mention that my sister got a yellow umbrella for Christmas last year because of How I Met Your Mother?
I know that's really a bunch of completely random and disjointed thoughts, but I don't know what else to say.  I could point out more random things, but what's the point in that?  I enjoyed the episodes just like always.  I'm excited to watch the rest of season five.

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