Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sleep Problems

It doesn't feel like a Saturday.  I've settled into that point during school breaks where you have absolutely no idea what day of the week it is.  I keep getting confused.  Plus, I woke up fairly late today, and it feels like it should still be the morning, not the afternoon.

I watched How I Met Your Mother relatively soon after waking up.  I haven't really done anything else notable today other than write.  I'm pretty sure that it's going to be a really boring day.  I'll probably write some more, watch some Youtube videos, and read fanfiction.  I think that basically sums up how my day will go.

I've just felt really tired since coming home from school.  I have no idea what's going on.  I sleep way more than I do at school, but I feel tired all day.  I hate it, but I don't know what the problem is.  I set an alarm to get up in the morning, and I even had to set it on the other side of the room because otherwise I'd just turn it off in my sleep.  Still, I get up, turn it off, take it back to my bed, and I don't even remember laying back down and falling asleep.  It's crazy...

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