Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cooking and Sleep Schedules

Today has been spent watching stuff on my computer more than anything else.  I spent this morning watching some documentary on Netflix about the remaining royal families, and I just managed to finally finish up an episode of Naruto that I've been trying to get through for hours right before I started writing this.

I cooked dinner for my family tonight (with some help from my mom).  It was chicken cutlets parmigiana.  We had a bit of trouble getting the chicken to cook all the way through the way the recipe said to cook it, so we had to put it in the oven for longer than the recipe called for (according to the recipe, you're just supposed to broil it).  It turned out pretty well though.

That's been the extent of my day.  I was finally starting to get back to a normal sleeping routine, but New Year's screwed that up, so now I'm sleeping in pretty late (although some days are worse than others).  Because of that I feel as if most of the day is already gone by the time I get up.  I definitely need to start getting a normal sleep schedule again before I go back to school.

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