Monday, February 11, 2013

A Good Monday?

As far as Mondays go, today's been pretty decent.  My allergies are getting bad again, but I'm used to dealing with that.  I also woke up with a really sore neck, but it's gotten better as the day's progressed.

We had our first test in philosophy today.  I was kind of worried because I thought it would be difficult even though I didn't see how it could be that hard.  While there were a few difficult questions, most of it seemed relatively easy (let's hope I didn't jinx myself), and I was done in about twenty minutes.  Let's hope the rest of the tests are like that.

The rest of my classes were basically the same as normal.  We discussed a short novel we read in English today, and I spoke up more than I probably have all year.  I was pretty impressed with myself.  I just felt like I had things to say.  I think the professor was impressed.  She's been trying to get me to talk more all semester, and at the end of class she said that was the most successful discussion we've had so far.  It was pretty fun.

I don't have much work to get done today, and I'm relishing it because tomorrow is my busiest day of the week.  I just need  to read a bit more for politics, finish up my psychology paper (which I'm not looking forward to), and maybe do a little work for English.

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