Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Busy Day Isn't Quite so Busy

Tuesdays are usually my busiest days, but thanks to my psychology class being canceled, today hasn't really been that bad.  I woke up only slightly later than I would have if I still had to go to psychology, and after my Sims game needed to update instead of letting me play, I decided to use the extra time to do homework.  I managed to get all of my work done before it was even eleven o'clock.  It was great.

It felt kind of odd not having to go to class until one in the afternoon though, especially considering it's so dark and rainy outside that you couldn't really tell what time of day it was.  The science lab went okay, but we were working with microscopes the entire time.  This class has made me realize that I really dislike microscopes.  I never had a problem in past science classes, but in this class we do labs where we're constantly looking in microscopes for about two hours, and I've discovered that gives me a massive headache before it's over.  I could never be a scientist who has to do that on a regular basis.  Not to mention that the sketches we have to draw of what we see are downright horrible.  I can't draw anything, but how do I distinguish things that are mostly just blobs from one another?

I just finished watching an episode of Naruto, but I was zoned out for about half of it.  You'd think getting out of my first class would lead me to being more awake, but no such luck.  I'm blaming the rainy weather.  I'm going to try and watch an episode of How I Met Your Mother after this, but who knows how well I'll be able to pay attention.

I also still have my night class.  I'm hoping that will go by quickly.  Last week wasn't too bad, so let's hope for the best.  I just find it so hard to stay awake and attentive at that time of day/night.

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