Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sick Yet Again

Today is not a good day.  I woke up this morning with a horrible headache, so one of the first things that I did upon waking up was take medicine.  I was also burning up when I woke up, which I thought was odd since my roommate turns the AC on when we sleep, but it wasn't until an hour or so later that I realized that I might have a fever.  I don't have a thermometer at school, so I can't check.  I'm almost positive that I'm still running a temperature though.  In addition to that I just feel really miserable.

I skipped church today because of how bad I felt, but unfortunately being sick doesn't mean I can slack off on homework.  Too many things need to be done.  So far I've finished up one assignment and turned it in online and made progress on several other assignments.  I'm pretty proud of how much I've gotten done considering how I feel.  I just want to get some work done on my next portfolio for English, and I think I'll be good for the day.  Then I can spend the rest of the day sitting around miserable but not having to work on anything.

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