Saturday, March 16, 2013

An Amazing Day with Friends and Starkid

Yesterday was a great day.  I spent the morning sitting around the house watching the Little House pilot, but yesterday afternoon I went to the local park with Haley and Jordan for several hours.  I hadn't seen either one of them since my Christmas break, and it was amazing spending time with them.  We just sat at the park and talked, but it was seriously the most fun I've had all break.

A Very Potter Senior Year was also released yesterday evening, and that's how I spent my entire night.  It was beyond amazing.  If you follow me on Twitter, you had the pleasure of kind of seeing my emotional break down.  If you're not a Starkid fan, I recommend you become one.  Everything they do is amazing, not just the Harry Potter stuff.  It's been incredibly to watch them become as big as they have because I watched A Very Potter Musical the first day it was put on Youtube.  They're incredible, and AVPSY didn't disappoint.  It was even more amazing than I could possibly have hoped for.

When it's written down like this, it doesn't really seem like much happened yesterday, but it sure felt like it.  I mean, AVPSY is pretty long and took me hours to get through, and Haley, Jordan, and I were at the park for hours.  It was a great day though, and believe me, I was in an excellent mood the entire day.

As for today, I'm not really doing much.  I go back to school tomorrow, so this is my last full day at home.  So far I've mostly just worked on school work.  Now I've moved on to reading fanfiction, and I figure that's how a lot of the rest of my day will be spent.  I'm just going to enjoy having my own room for a day longer before I have to go back to the dorms.


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