Sunday, March 10, 2013

Busy Day Back Home

I'm back home for spring break, and it's been a crazy couple of days.  The car ride home always wears me out for some strange reason.  You wouldn't think three and a half hours in a car would make you so tired, but I guess switching time zones makes it worse.  Plus, with the clocks moving forward an hour, that's been even more screwed up this trip.

I spent a lot of yesterday in Owensboro with my mom.  (My town is so small that there's not much here, and you basically have to cross the river and go to Owensboro, KY for most stuff.)  The opening night of my old high school's performance of Les Mis was that night, and my sister is a member of the ensemble, so we got her some flowers from Walmart in addition to doing some other shopping.  We also had to stop by Macy's to see if my mom could find something for my brother to wear to the two weddings we have this summer (two of my cousins are getting married).

Normally I wouldn't have come along because I hate shopping, but we also went to the AT&T store to get me a new phone!  It was time for my upgrade, so I was able to get an iPhone 4!  I'll miss my iPhone 3 for sentimental reasons, but I really, really love my new phone.  I'm using my sister's One Direction case for the moment, but I've ordered a case that should come in the mail soon.  It's a purple owl case.  Those are two of my favorite things in the world, so I'm excited.

We also stopped by my grandma's to give her her tickets for Les Mis.  It was really awesome seeing her, and I took a million pictures of her cat on my new phone.  Her cat has always been kind of skittish around me, but she came right up to me yesterday and crawled on to my lap.  She's seriously the cutest thing.

And then we attended opening night of my old high school's performance of Les Mis.  It was absolutely wonderful.  They always do an amazing job.  It's weird though because of the amount of kids I didn't recognize.  They had a lot of elementary and middle school kids, but still, soon I'll hardly know any of those kids.  (I'm over-reacting though.  I just graduated last year.)  The play was long, but really well done.  My old school has always done a great job on their productions (and I'm not just saying that because I was on stage crew once).

After a packed day yesterday, it's nice to have a chance to just sit around the house today.  All I had to do was go to church this morning, and it was nice being back there.  I always miss St. Bernard when I'm at college.  I know mass is basically the same everywhere, but there's just something about mass at St. Bernard.

Now I get a day of lazing around the house.  It's nice being back home, and I'm really looking forward to this week.

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