Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend

I realized earlier that I hadn't blogged all weekend, and if you don't count the book review from Friday, it's been a week.  Sorry about that.  Last week was extremely stressful for me, and it wasn't really that pretty.  Anything I would have written would have been complaints, and no one wants to read that.

I had a really great Easter weekend though.  I went home on Thursday to spend the holiday with my family, and I just got back to school about an hour ago.  I didn't do much while I was home except go to church.  I'm Catholic, so Holy Week means a lot of attending church.  I don't mind though since I love the Holy Week masses.  I also got candy this morning, and no one should ever complain about that.

I went to see The Host with my sister on Saturday.  I think I'll wait until it's on DVD to review it because I think I need to see it again before I talk about it much.  I did really enjoy it though.  It's been a while since I read the book, so I can't say how faithful they were.  I wanted to re-read it, but I couldn't find it anywhere in my room.  Now it will at least be until I go back in May before I get a chance to.  I also thought there were parts of the movie that were cheesy, but overall I thought it was great.  I love the casting for Uncle Jeb and Ian.  They were both perfect.  I really liked the little boy who played Jamie too.  Most of the cast did a fantastic job.

While my sister and I were in Owensboro to see the movie, we also went to see my grandma (and I got a haircut but that's boring...).  It was really awesome to see her, and I enjoyed spending some time with her.

Now I'm back and school with about five weeks until finals.  Let's hope it's a good five weeks!

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