Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How I Met Your Mother Season Six Review

I had planned to review the first and second halves of season six of How I Met Your Mother separately like I have in the past, but I was almost done watching the season when I realized that I never reviewed the first half.  It just completely slipped my mind, so instead this is going to be a review of the entire season.  It took me months to get through this season, so let's see how much of the earlier episodes I can actually remember.

I want to start by saying how much I love Barney and Robin.  They're probably my OTP (one true pairing for those of you who don't know) of the show.  I love Lily and Marshall as well, but I just love Barney and Robin.  Every time there's even the smallest hint about their feelings for each other I get excited.

I am not a fan of Zoe.  Overall I guess she's an okay character, but I was just not a fan.  Most of the time she didn't bother me, but her actions in a few episodes made me dislike her.  I was really glad when her and Ted finally broke up.

This is a somewhat random comment, but the entire time Nicole Scherzinger was on the show I kept thinking about how she was a judge on The X-Factor during One Direction's season.  Pointless to point out, but I just wanted to put it out there.  Another random comment I have to make: they mentioned Hogwarts in an episode.  How can I not comment on that?

Marshall's dad dying was definitely the saddest thing to happen on the show (yet at least).  I was in tears when Marshall found out.  That's the only time How I Met Your Mother has made me cry.

I'm a bit conflicted about Nora because I really love her as a character, but as I said before, I love Barney and Robin together.  I don't really want Nora and Barney together because I want him with Robin, but I still enjoy the episodes that Nora is in.

And the season ends with finding out that Lily's pregnant!  I'm really excited for that.  I've already watched three episodes of season seven, so I know a bit beyond the initial episode.  I'm really excited for the rest of that storyline though.

Hopefully I'll actually remember to do two reviews for season seven.  Plus, I only have a few weeks until summer break, so I'll have more time to watch the show!

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