Friday, May 10, 2013

Book to Film Adaptations

This post is going to be somewhat similar to my post about endings from a little more than a month ago.  I talked about how much I loved the endings of books, TV shows, etc. in that post.  I said that I knew that many other people were often disappointed with how things ended, but I almost always ended up loving it.  This post is about something else that many people usually get upset with and I usually love: movie adaptations of books.

There is always a big group of people who love a book/book series and end up hating the movie adaptation. It doesn't even matter how good the film adaptation is, some people will hate it.  For me though, I almost always love the film adaptation.  Yes, a lot of the time it's very different from the book, but that's never really bothered me.  I guess the fact that my first real experience with film adaptations was the first Harry Potter movie (and I saw the movie first).  From the moment I set foot in the Harry Potter fandom it was something that was being discussed.

I guess that over the years I've just become really accepting of film adaptations no matter how much they cut out or what they change.  I know that things have to be different and I accept that.  That doesn't mean I don't get upset if a part I really liked is cut out or if something I loved is changed, but generally speaking I almost always end up loving the movie.

A good example here is The Host.  I love that book so much and was extremely excited for the movie.  Now, a ton of people have criticized the movie and don't like it.  I do realize that there were some problems with the movie, but honestly, I absolutely loved it.  (And Stephenie Meyer has said that she's currently writing the sequel!!!  I can't wait!)  I went in to the movie expecting some things to be different and just accepted the movie for what it was.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with not liking film adaptations or that you have to get excited about them.  But I honestly love them.  I get so excited when a new one is announced of a book that I loved, and I love the anticipation of it.  There are so many book adaptations coming out in the near future, and many of them I haven't read (although most of them are on my to-read list).  I really hope that keeps up and we see a lot more in the future.

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