Monday, May 20, 2013

Finally I Feel Awake

Today is going pretty great as far as Mondays typically go.  I feel well-rested for the first time in days, and that's let me to getting quite a bit of writing done so far today.  Hopefully I'll get even more done later today as well.

Other than writing I really haven't done all that much, and I don't really plan to either.  I think I'm just going to watch Netflix and play Sims 3 after I write.  (I haven't played Sims 3 in a while...)  It's nice though because I've been so worn out recently.  Technically I didn't do anything yesterday but go to church, but I had a horrible migraine all day so it was miserable.  Today I'm actually getting a day where I feel good and can relax.  Plus, I'm getting more writing done than I have in about a week, which is awesome.

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