Monday, May 6, 2013

Finals and Packing

Today was the first day of finals.  I had three of them, with the first starting at eight in the morning.  It was the earliest I'd woken up in a long time, and I can definitely tell now that it's later in the day.  I have to be up at the same time tomorrow for another final.  I have two more finals tomorrow (although one is presenting the website I made and not a test), and then I'll be done for the semester.  I'm not moving out of the dorm until Wednesday though because my last final is at eight Tuesday night.

Packing has been really stressful so far.  I have no idea how I'm going to pack everything up.  I keep making a little bit of progress, but then I can't figure where else to put anything and give up.  I had the same problem back in August when I was packing to come to college, but I think it's worse now.  Then I could leave things behind if it didn't fit.  Now I'm packing up a ton of stuff that I just have to get out of here.  You wouldn't think I'd accumulated anything, but I'm pretty sure I have.  I'm definitely not looking forward to getting everything out of here on Wednesday.  I'll be happy to be done with finals and to finally get out of this dorm though.

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