Thursday, May 30, 2013

Long Computer Updates Are the Worst

A word of advice: when you're trying to recover from only two and a half hours of sleep, you shouldn't stay up until almost three AM two nights later.  In my defense though, I would have been asleep about an hour earlier if my laptop hadn't decided that it was the perfect time to install the longest update ever.  (I'm not kidding, you know how you shut it off and it can install any number of updates.  It only said one this time, and yet it took as long as it typically does when downloading 20 or something.)

Still, I was able to get more than seven hours of sleep last night, so it was an improvement, even if it wasn't ideal.  I've also been really productive this morning.  I've only been up for about two hours, and I've managed to get a lot done.  I hope it stays this way because I hope to get more writing done today.

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