Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Naruto Shippuden Episodes 54-62 Review

The thing I want to talk most about in this review is Sora.  I found it interesting that another character that Naruto doesn't really get along with was introduced so quickly after Sai.  It was like Naruto and Sai finally started getting along and just a few episodes later, Sora was introduced.  I thought it was interesting how Naruto and Sai's new friendship is kind of contrasted by Sora and Naruto's constant arguing.  I've really grown to love Sai as a character, and I like seeing him get better at communicating with others.  I think seeing how Naruto's warmed up to him is great and seeing it in comparison to Naruto and Sora's relationship is great.  It was just kind of odd to have Sora thrown in when he was.

I also find Sora a really frustrating character.  He'll probably grow on me soon (just like Sai did).  I'm already liking him more than I was at the beginning.  I'm sure Naruto and Sora will figure out how much they have in common and bond over that.  Still, at the moment he's quite frustrating.  I know Naruto's not exactly the easiest person to get along with, which makes things worse, but Sora really is quite antagonizing.

As much as Sora annoys me, I'm really looking forward to learning more about his backstory in the coming episodes.

The one villain (whose name I absolutely cannot remember) who killed people by kissing them really freaked me out.  (The first thing I thought of was Holes by the way.)  Her whole demeanor and everything was just creepy, and I don't mean that in that I was scared while watching the episode.  I just didn't like her character.  She was like annoying and weird for lack of a better way to describe it.  I hope she doesn't show up again even though I really want to know what exactly that group's plan is.  It seems that they want to take over the Land of Fire, but I'm curious about whether they're at all connected with the Akatsuki or not.

I think that's all I really have to say about these episodes.  I feel as if this is the most coherent review I've ever written for Naruto considering it's usually more of a list of incoherent thoughts.

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