Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Running on Two Hours of Sleep

It may only be the afternoon, but I've had a long day.  I'm running on about two and a half hours of sleep after waking up at one thirty in the morning in order to drive to Indianapolis to buy Little Mix CDs and get wristbands for the signing they're having there next week.  I'm unbelievably excited about it, but I think I'm still kind of in shock to be completely honest.  It's hard to believe I'm really going to see them in person and up close just a week from today.  You better believe that I'll have my camera with me to film.  I'm not sure if I'm allowed to have it during the actual signing, but I am documenting that day.

We managed to get home before ten in the morning.  That means I spent about seven hours in a car before I would have even woken up on a typical summer day.  That's insane!  It was well worth it though, and even though I'm running on very little sleep, I've also managed to get quite a bit done since being home.  I thought I'd be too tired to get any writing done, but I proved myself wrong.  (There's no telling how much I'll keep once I re-read it after getting some much needed sleep though.)

I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to stay awake as it's getting pretty hard.  I definitely know that I'm going to sleep extremely well tonight.

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