Sunday, June 30, 2013

How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Second Half Review

I feel like so much happened in these episodes that I don't even know where to start.  I really loved this season.  I feel like all of the episodes were really good.

Lily and Marshall had their baby!  I was definitely really excited for that.  I can't believe that they made the baby's middle name "Wait for it" (and I have no idea how they spell it as one name).  I'm interested in seeing how the next season goes now that they have a baby.

I knew about them showing Barney's wedding and Robin being the bride, so that didn't come as a surprise for me.  I'm really interested in seeing how it gets to there though.  I want them together so badly, but I do really like Quinn.  I feel as if their break up is going to be really sad.

I almost forgot that Robin and Kevin actually broke up in these episodes.  That feels like a long time ago.  That was really sad though.  I was crying watching that episode.

I loved the episode where they talk about rewatching the original Star Wars trilogy every three years.  I also think that's a brilliant idea, and I'm tempted to do it.  I really love all of the Star Wars references that pop up every so often in How I Met Your Mother.  I was also a bit surprised that they showed Ted with a baby in three years.  I know the mother shows up next season but that still seems pretty quick.

I'm hoping to get through season eight before season nine airs, but we'll see if I actually manage that.  It would be really nice to actually catch up!

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