Thursday, June 13, 2013

Television Review: Twisted Episode One

On Tuesday I watched the premiere of ABC Family's new show Twisted.  I don't watch much TV as it actually airs on TV, but I really wanted to get into some shows.  Since Twisted was just premiering and I found it intriguing, I decided to watch the first episode.

By the first commercial break I knew that I was going to be watching every week.  I'm already obsessed with this show.  I'm not really a fan of any other ABC Family shows (although Pretty Little Liars is on my "to watch" list), but I love this one.

For anyone who hasn't heard about it, Twisted is about a boy, Danny, who murders his aunt while his two best friends, Jo and Lacey, are playing outside.  That happens at the very beginning of the first episode, and then it fast forwards to five years in the future when Danny has just gotten out of juvie and is coming back to school.  Danny's trying to become friends with Jo and Lacey again, but unsurprisingly, they're a bit scared of him and are trying to stay away from him.  Then, another student, one of Lacey's new best friends, ends up murdered and Danny is arrested for it.  That was all just in the first episode!

I'm really intrigued by all of the characters.  I think the first episode makes you really attached to Danny even though he has so many secrets.  He flat out says he murdered his aunt, but he keeps insisting that there's a reason that he can't reveal to anyone.  Then, you're hoping he didn't murder the other student, but you're not really sure if you think he did or not.  It could really go both ways.  It's extremely conflicting, at least for me.  I really like Danny's character, but there's just so much mystery there and he doesn't deny murdering his aunt.  You're rooting for him and hoping he can reconnect with Jo and Lacey while you're also extremely suspicious of what he's up to.  It's just really mind-bending and mysterious.  Danny's such a likeable character but also a bit scary.  I'm not sure how I feel about him yet, but it kind of disturbs me how much I like him so far considering everything.

I think my feelings toward Danny are actually pretty similar to Jo's and maybe even Lacey's.  They both seem so conflicted, but Jo's a bit more willing to let Danny back into her life.  It's understandable I guess, since they were best friends.  Jo wants to see the best in Danny, and like I said, he's a very likeable character.  He doesn't really come across as dangerous, but you also see that potential there.

The entire thing is just a huge mystery, and the show is really character driven I think, which makes me love it even more.  I'm definitely going to keep watching, and I'll probably review every episode like I did season one of Korra.  I'm hoping I stay this invested in it.

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