Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The One Direction Concert

It's been two days, and I still haven't really talked about my One Direction concert experience anywhere online except the excited, fangirly tweets that I sent that night.  I just feel as if the experience was too amazing to put into words.  If I had had a laptop in front of me right after the concert that night I could have written a post where I rambled on and on about it, but it wouldn't have made much sense to anyone else.  There are no words to describe how I felt that night.  There really aren't.  I'll try my best though.

My mom took Haley and me to Louisville that afternoon.  I actually ended up driving the entire way there, which I am really proud about.  (Maybe I really will get my license this summer.)  We went to my cousin Theresa's house, where we were staying for the night.  After my mom left, we went to downtown Louisville to find a place to eat near the KFC Yum Center, where the concert was taking place.  We ended up driving by the place where all the tour buses were parked, and I may have freaked out.  I'd been freaking out the whole day, but that was just a shock for me since I hadn't been expecting it.

It was pouring down rain by the time we parked, so we had to walk around with umbrellas that weren't really protecting us all that much.  We stopped at the closest restaurant to the KFC Yum Center, but the wait was so long that we didn't really have time to eat there.  We walked just a little bit past it to this Irish pub where we got seated immediately.  Apparently everyone wanted out of the rain so badly that they weren't bothering to walk just a few extra feet.  It was a really cool place.  I couldn't really eat much because of my nerves, but you better believe that I sent an excited tweet to Niall about seeing him that night and being in an Irish pub.  I couldn't pass up that opportunity.

Luckily, it had stopped raining by the time we finished eating, and Theresa left Haley and I to line up in front of the Yum Center.  We had to stand there for a bit, but eventually we got inside and (after waiting again for the restroom) we got in line to buy merchandise.  It took forever.  So long in fact that we almost missed the beginning of 5 Seconds of Summer's set, but we managed to get what we wanted (a poster and bracelets in my case).  5 Seconds of Summer's set started as we were searching for our seats.

I'm not a huge fan of 5 Seconds of Summer, but I do think they are really talented.  It was cool seeing them live.  I probably would have enjoyed it more though if I hadn't been so nervous about One Direction.  (Just writing this post is making me excited all over again because I'm thinking about it.)

After 5 Seconds of Summer we had to wait about 45 minutes for One Direction.  I'm not going to go into a lot of detail about the concert because there is no way to possibly describe how I felt.  The first few seconds might have been the best though because Haley and I were holding onto each other and just freaking out like the insane fangirls we are.  It's probably a good thing that no one we know was around.  There is no way to describe what it was like to see them come out on that stage though.  I had the "they are real" moment right then, and it was just so surreal.  The other best moment was when I hugged Haley at the end and could feel her shaking.  Needless to say, it was a pretty emotional night for us.

Hearing them actually talk and sing in the arena may have been just as surreal as seeing them.  Obviously it was over a sound system and not face to face, but it was still entirely different than hearing it over video.  It was just incredible.

For those who don't know enough about One Direction concerts to know exactly what happens, at one point the boys are in a platform over the audience, and eventually they land on a smaller stage where they stay for part of the concert.  Our seats were directly in front of that smaller stage, which was amazing.

There is just no way to describe what I was feeling that night.  It was the loudest I have ever screamed, and believe me, my throat is still paying for it.  It was just all around the loudest I have probably ever been in public.  I was screaming out the lyrics and everything, and everyone who knows me knows that I absolutely never sing in public.  During past concerts I've been to, I've sung along but quieter than everyone else.  I couldn't have cared less how loud I was being that night.  I was having the greatest night of my life, and that was literally all I cared about.

My ears are also still ringing.  They told us multiple times that we were the loudest crowd they had to far in America, but 1. we were only the third show on this American tour and 2. it's entirely possible they were just saying that.  Still, it was unbelievably loud.  The screams for the encore were louder than anything I have ever heard in my life.  I don't even know how to describe how loud that arena got.  It was incredible.  I just wonder if my ears will ever stop ringing.

Afterwards we went back to Theresa's and stayed up most of the night.  Even after Theresa went to bed, Haley and I were up for several hours.  I think I fell asleep somewhere around five in the morning.  I only got about three or four hours of sleep, and I was pretty much dead to the world all of Monday.  I did basically nothing, and I ended up going to bed far earlier than I ever do because I just couldn't take it anymore.

Luckily, after eleven hours of sleep last night I'm feeling better.  Still, that was the greatest night of my life.  I can still hardly think about anything else, so I'm having trouble getting any productive writing done.  I have things I promised to have finished this week though, so I'm pushing through.  I'm just getting distracted pretty often whenever I start thinking about Sunday.  It was just one of those things that I wish everyone could experience (not necessarily with One Direction but with whatever would make them that happy) because it was seriously the greatest feeling in the world.

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