Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Only Relationship Advice I Feel Comfortable Giving

This post is going to be about something I don't talk about often: dating.  It's something that I have pretty strong opinions on for never having experienced.  I don't tend to voice most of those opinions since other people's relationships aren't my business and I have no authority to say something.  Still, here are a few things I want to say that pertain to dating/relationships/etc.:

1.  Asking people if they're dating someone when you first meet them is kind of awkward.  Seriously.  Why do people do that?  What if they just went through a really bad breakup?  What if they are going through a rough patch in their relationship?  What if they're single and hate it?  There are so many variables there that could make that question uncomfortable, yet I've been asked that countless times by people I barely know.

2.  Even better, when I get asked this question and it inevitably comes out that I've never had a boyfriend, I will inevitably get asked, "Why?"  How do you expect me to answer that question?  I don't have an answer.  There are countless reasons, and none of them are things I want to discuss with someone I hardly know and will most likely never see again.  You're just digging the hole deeper for yourself after asking the first question.

3. If you think Edward Cullen is the ideal boyfriend, you are living a dangerous fantasy.  Here's a wonderful video by John Green that explains why.  Here's one of the countless articles about how Edward and Bella's relationship is abusive.  Here's another one from a psychology website.  There are so, so many others out there if you need to be convinced farther.  Now, I still consider myself a Twilight fan (to a certain extent).  I read Twilight fanfiction all the time and even have plans to write my own (that will not center around Bella and Edward).  However, more people need to acknowledge that Bella and Edward's relationship is horrible, and absolutely no one should be expecting to have a boyfriend like Edward Cullen.  I'm not even going to get started on 50 Shades of Grey...  (Why can't books about healthy romantic relationships get more attention?)

4. If you have been dating someone for a very short amount of time, then you do not love them.  You don't.  You especially don't if you're not even an adult yet.  I know preteens and teenagers do this most often.  Your hormones are going crazy.  They are at fault here.  You are not in love.  I know you think you're special and your relationship is different, but trust me, you're not.  It's the hormones.  Do you know how many crushes I had when I was a preteen that I was absolutely convinced I was going to marry?  Do you want to know how every single one of those went?  I'm convinced that we need to teach kids the different between crushes, infatuation, lust, and love at some point in school.  Then again, it would probably do absolutely no good because they would all remain convinced that they're different.

5.  Please don't fight with your significant other on the Internet (i.e. Facebook).  This goes for friends as well as romantic relationships too by the way.  It's the reason I never go on Facebook (well, one of the reasons). No one wants to see that, and you're accomplishing nothing.  All that you're doing is giving everyone fuel to gossip about you with.  If you want to make things better, talk in person and in private.  I still remember every single person who I saw fighting with someone on Facebook.  It doesn't help the way people view you.  Stop doing it.  To be fair, this is also primarily the preteens and teens.

I think those are my biggest relationship pet peeves, and those are all things I feel quite comfortable complaining about even without having been in a relationship.  There are so many others I could add, but those are all things I feel I wouldn't be taken seriously with considering I have no experience being in a relationship.

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